SUBNAUTICA Review (One Of The BEST Survival Games?)


Subnautica is one of its kind games that is developed by Unknown Worlds. From the very first moment, the game grips your attraction.

The game starts with a disintegrating starship that forces you to eject out into a world full of water. The ocean is a diverse range of biomes that are brimming with surreal beauty.

From shallow kelp forests to large underwater islands, you will find every bit of oceanic wonder to keep you excited.

But don’t get me wrong, this world is both bliss and a nightmare at the same time. One wrong decision and you find yourself among the alien sharks waiting for their food.

Therefore, it is better to explore this vast world bit by bit and don’t haste too much. 

Look And Feel Of Subnautica

Apart from this, I also find Subnautica a bit more terrifying than other games in this genre. I don’t mean the terror you get when being chased by a predator. Or when your resources are about to exhaust.

I am talking about the horror of being alone in the inky black water in an unknown world. And if you think this is all, then you are absolutely wrong.

The real challenge starts when the game throws you against creatures that are just invincible. On top of this, you have limited oxygen which you cannot waste on a hopeless battle.

Awareness, stealth, and distraction are your best option for survival. You really need to be smart and calculated when underwater. 

Apart from this, the core gameplay of the game is similar to other survival games. In a similar fashion, you have to collect resources, craft things from them and unlock new tools to progress in the game.

But it is fairly simple and straightforward, therefore anyone can get used to it. However, if you want something exciting, you have to unlock the Seamoth and Cyclops.

These gears will allow you to venture deep into the biomes without being crushed underwater pressure. This way you can access valuable resources without putting your life in danger. 

Apart from this, the sound in this game also gives it an immersive experience. It has a soothing muted sound that you usually hear during underwater dive.

This helps to make it more lively and related to its core gameplay. along with this, the positional sound is also on point which greatly helps you during the fight with the predator.

You easily tell by the sound the creature is near you and in which direction so that you can prepare yourself. On top of this, there are different music tracks that put you in the mood and warn you about potential threats. 

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So, what do I think about Subnautica? In my view, Subnautica is an awesome game that you should try at least once.

Due to its unique theme, it makes the good old survival genre fresh again. In fact, it is safe to say that it is a template for an open-world survival game that is actually good.

With its fantastical story and stunning visuals, it kept me interested even after 50+ hours. The variety of sea life encourages me to discover all of its secrets even in the darkest corner of the game.

And don’t forget the sea monster that quite literally haunts me in my dreams. It has all the components that you want from a survival game.

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