RUST Survival Game Review (Best Game Till Now?)

rust survival game

Rust is a strange game that quite literally teaches you how to have fun while spoiling game someone’s else game. It is a multiplayer game that has only one objective to survive them all.

The game is developed by face punch studio and saw first released for people in late 2013 as an early access game.


The game has simple gameplay. You wake up alone and naked on the goofiest island on the planet. Now it is up to you to collect resources and make things as there is no one to guide you.

You can smash your rock against the nearest tree and hope that you would get some wood. Or maybe you can harvest some mushrooms or bundles of flax to keep full and cover your body.

If you’re rather creative then you can try to build a nice wooden shack to keep you protected in the night. And don’t forget to locate reliable resources of freshwater for a successful Rust campaign. 

Similar to other survival games, you have to harvest resources like stone, wood, and other basic items. You can then use these items to craft prehistoric instruments, like spear or ax.

But unlike other games, you can also use this basic tech to craft advance things like guns, flamethrowers, and even rocket launchers. Just with the addition of few machines like workbenches and furnaces.

Once acquire your new gun, you can test this on a newbie player that only had a rock tied to a stick good. As you can get matched to any sever irrespective of your level. 

Apart from this, you need to manage your hunger and thirst along with your health. There are few areas on the map with radiation that will eat your health very quickly.

So, it is best to stay away from such places and enjoy your game. One such way to do this is by making a community of players who stays together in clans.

This will not only help you to protect yourself from any danger but also help in gathering resources. But if you are not that type of person, then you are free to play as a solo player.

I myself spend the vast majority of my time as a solo player. If you are smart enough, you can keep yourself safe even if you’re logged off.

There are tons of ways from installing land mines, punji sticks to keypad locks on your bases. This game has another great special feature where voice chat gets louder and louder as the draw distance decreases.

You faintly hear the shit-talk between two friends and it gets clearer and clearer. Until they too can hear you and suddenly you’re hopping over bullets while learning new ways to insult someone.

The fact that people find joy in doing bad things to other people makes these games a lot of fun. You can label me as a psychopath to say that. But you know what, you have to play by the rules of the game if you want to survive.

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So what do I think about this game? Rust is a highly aggressive survival game that only exists due to trash talk and conflict.

It has a perfect blend of survival, competitive, and battle royale components in its gameplay. This makes it better than other games in the market that has only a survival component to them.

Unlike these games, rust has everything for everyone which I lot about this game. I highly suggest everyone at least once have a taste of Rust. You will be amazed by how uncompromised worldview this game has.

However, I really miss the ranking or K/D system in the game. It would be a lot more fun to chase ranking and survival at the same time.

Along with this, lack of exclusive reward, also makes it quite bull after some time. But these are the extra things that not everyone thinks about.

If you are here to have fun then there is no better competitive battle royale survival game in the market.

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