Raft Survival Game Review (Most Unique Game?)

raft survival game

There are a ton of indie games flooding the video game market every day. A lot of these games are the product of the pure passion that really reflects in the gameplay.

One such game is Raft, a survival game that is set in the ocean. The first time I saw the gameplay, I was filled with excitement to try it out for myself.

Its unique approach makes it a breath of fresh air in the saturated survival game market. In fact, early access to this game goes on to become the top 10 sellers on the steam. And still today it holds the number three position which says a lot about the game.


The games start with four squares of wood under your feet and a rope with a hook in your hand. You used this rope and hook to grab the items that are floating in the sea.

After collecting the resources, you craft tools out of these and expand your raft as much as you can. Cool right? But it is not as simple as it sounds.

You really have to master the art of throwing with the right velocity and direction. Though you are free to swim into the ocean to grab stuff that floats past you.

Meanwhile, you do all this, your deadly neighbor (shark) will occasionally try to take a chunk out of your raft. Unlike other survival games, sea creatures in this game are close to their original size.

This makes it a little less terrifying and easier to live with. But the game is not about fighting these predators. Rather building a multi-story palace and awesome machinery from the scrap. 

Apart from this, there is a hunger meter and a thirst meter that reminds you to hunt and make fresh water out of seawater.

Once you are freed with the essential work, now is the time for other work that makes this game interesting. There are numerous islands and derelict rafts that you occasionally spot in the open sea.

In the shallow water of these landmarks, you will see a lot of rare metals or clays that you may require to move on to the next stage.

But to do that, you will need a sail that can be used to easily guide your raft towards these islands

Moreover, the game has an interesting story to uncover. But that is cleverly cover under the ongoing gameplay. You would get to know why you are here and for what you are building your wooden palace.

Therefore, it is best to research all the equipment and tools that are there in the game. But it is easier said than done, the hard labor you have to do to achieve this is quite terrifying more terrifying than a shark attack.

If this is the case with you then you free to invite your friends aboard and enjoy some multiplayer sailing. In my view, this is the best part.

Having a friend makes it a lot easier and more fun to play s survival game. You can literally cut your labor to half and have faster progressions. 

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So what do I think about this game? Well, frankly I really liked playing this game. It is as I have said a breath of fresh air in the survival genre.

It has a unique concept that makes it fun and rewarding to play. With every passing wave, you have to adapt to the ways of the sea while trying to survive on a manmade structure.

Resource collection is also unique to this game and almost addictive. The fact that you don’t have to go anywhere to look for stuff makes it better in my opinion.

Along with this, you also have a sense of adventure due to your unfriendly neighbor. But the real gem is the crafting mechanism, it really lets you build marvelous things.

Who can guess that your 2 by 2 raft can become a massive palace at some point of the time in the game.

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