Don’t Starve Survival Game Review: (Best Survival Game)

don't starve

Don’t starve is one of a kind game that makes you extremely happy and mad at the same time. It is one of few games that keep you on the edge and provide you with dozens of exhilarating moments.

You never know when you up against a strong enemy and die in an instance. It is in a sense like an endurance sport, you have to keep on trying without thinking too much about the ending.

Don’t starve is a stylish take on Minecraft’s formula creates by Klei entertainment. 

What’s Going On (Gameplay)?

You wake up as a young scientist named Wilson in a forest full of dangerous creatures. You are instructed to find food before nightfall if you want to survive till the next day.

There no explanation of your surroundings and threats that might kill you. You have to scout the surroundings and collect the materials that you found on the way.

These materials can be used to make advanced tools and gears that necessary for your survival. At night time, it is very important for you to create a light source to avoid a dangerous encounter.

Like other survival games, this game also has a huge focus on crafting. At first, you simply have to pick items from your surrounding and construct simple tools from them.

These simpler tools help you to break down essential raw materials that are difficult to harvest. 

As you increase your level, you can make all sorts of complex scientific machinery required for you to have fun. And from the fun, I mean, from simply surviving to actually have fun in the game.

There is a tech tree in the game where you can play with various elements and do all sorts of experimentation. It all depends on your priorities and how you want to play this game. 

You can use this freedom to express your patience, creativity, and bravery. Apart from this, the game is constantly in a developing phase with allows for frequent bug fixing.

There is a rare chance that I experienced a bug or glitches in the game making it pleasant to play. 

Developers are also adding new content to the games so you don’t feel bored while playing these. This gives you a chance to explore new locations even if you are playing the game for a long time.

However, the game has only one problem. There are quite a few moments where valuable things spawn behind the tree.

And due to its 3/4th overhead perspective, it is hard to click those objects. A lot of unfair deaths happen to me due to this reason alone, where I was unable to pick the life-saving object.

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So what do I think about the game? For me, it is a wonderful game despite that game has its flaws. You flys through while battling shadow creatures, building a farm, and ultimately die an inevitable death. All these moments are rewarding once you figure your priorities

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