ARK: Survival Evolved: (Unique Survival Game?)

ark survival evolved

The main objective of the game is to survive as long as you can. It is up to you how you want to do this. You can do it alone, by living in an isolated place and hunting for yourself.

Or if you want to make it fun, you can bring some friends with you and try to survive as a group. For people who don’t have friends, you can join other lonely people to make your life a little more enjoyable.

One thing that I particularly like is the building of communities. People here are full of creativity and they will go to any extent to build another wonder of the world.

But it will take you some time to get this far, in fact, you will spend your first few hours in confusion due to the absence of a tutorial.

You wake up on the island with nothing but pants on your body to protect your modesty. After choosing your character, you are ready to land on your selected place on the map.

Make sure to choose a place that is fairly easy for beginners. Like a place that is full of basic utilities like water, food, and trees. Also, look for relatively flat land that makes discovering your surroundings easier. 


Now, you know what we are supposed to do and you have some experience with the game. You have to craft things to use for all kinds of jobs.

This system of collecting materials for crafty is quite common in various games of this genre. You can pick up stones, pluck fiber from the ground, and punch trees for wood for materials.

This will enable you to build fire, cook food and make a basic shelter to get through the night. In the beginning, focus on most essential things like food, tools, and shelter.

Then move on to irrigation pipes, stronger weapons, and traps. And lastly, craft those things that are more on a luxurious side like clothing and saddles for dino riding.

Obviously, this will take you a hell of a lot of time therefore be patient and enjoy the process. When you level up, you gain engram points which unlock some items.

But you still have to actually find the materials yourself to craft these items.


Opportunity or danger coming to the gameplay, Ark has two types of games style: online PvP mode and Solo survival mode. Both modes are equally fun and have their pros and cons.

It really comes down to your preference and play style. On PvP public servers, you can join other players to make your gameplay interesting.

However, other players are both the greatest opportunity and greatest danger at the same time. I learned this fact the hard way after getting robbed of precious resources that took me hours to collect.

Therefore it is necessary to work your way into a strong group of players that can protect your stuff even when you are offline. In solo offline mode, there is an extensive campaign that is full of monster caves.

These caves have both dangerous creatures as well as rare artifacts. One of these artifacts is used to summon three bosses at your will. Without these artifacts, you cannot fight the bosses and get stuck to the same level.

However, the bosses are a bit heavy on summoned minions which increases the difficulty to a good margin. After defeating all the bosses, you can now access an endgame dungeon.

Here you know all the backstory behind ARK and its purpose. This gives Ark an edge over other survival games and makes all the hard work worth it. 

Variety of wildlife Apart from this, Ark has a lot of diversity when it comes to wildlife. From bumbling, docile dodos to the colossal, carnivorous Giganotosaurus, the game has it all.

This makes it more lively and you are always excited about the next unknown creature. Most of these creatures are tameable and you can even ride them if you have the right saddle.

However, the process of taming these creatures is not very easy. It consists of knocking the dinosaur unconscious and then feeding it while it slumbers, waiting for the taming bar to reach 100%. 

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So, what do I think about this game? Well, it’s a good game with all its uniqueness and dinosaur rides. You will really have a good time if you like this type of game. Or if you want to try a good old genre with some new taste.

The things that I don’t like are the endless hours of crafting and grinding especially at the later stages. You really have to wait a lot and collect a ton of resources to make that one thing.

Apart from this, if you spend too much time alone, you will end up getting bored and might leave the game forever.

Talking about me, I really like this game. It’s been a while since a survival game held my attention for this long. Therefore, I suggest you at least try it for once with your friends and judge for yourself.

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