7 Days To Die Game Review (Best Survival Game?)

7 days to die

7 days to die is a simple sandbox survival game. The main object of the game is to survive till the end while crafting things from basic items.

In the beginning, the games a tutorial to help you absorb the working of the game. It tells you the basics of crafting like how to make weapons, clothing, and other useful items.

After you get done with the tutorial, you will get some skills points. You can use these skills to enhance your skill set and have a better chance at surviving.

The game has two massive playable maps and five biomes. These maps generate cities and biomes randomly so no two areas have the same elements. With these two maps alone, you can have hours of fun gameplay. 


The first in-game day starts with a nice morning. For this day, your tasks are to find wood, small stone, and other basic things. These items are then used to create basic tools that are necessary for your survival.

You have to find enough material to make some clothes, a stone ax or bow to get through your first night. The game does not have a predefined limit or guidance on what can you do and what you can’t.

This gives you a lot of freedom on how you want to enjoy the game. But this also poses a problem for a lot of new players who know nothing about this genre.

Therefore, establish your own priorities after exploring the game for some time. That being said exploration in this game is not so easy.

You meet zombies, bears, and traps at every corner of the game. So, it is important to look out for dangers while collecting food and water.

Apart from this, the game has some bad graphics in some areas. Low-resolution textures make the game looks dull and ugly at some point.

This is due to the fact that the graphics are outdated and do not compatible with today’s standards. However, this reduces the minimum requirements of the game which blessing for some people. 

Moreover, the game has a robust crafting system. It comprises a menu where you can craft any item if you have the necessary raw materials.

You just have to select the item and press the up button to start the process. This simple approach to crafting makes everything very easy even for beginners.

However, for more advanced items like a rocket launcher, you need to first find recipe manuals to start making it. All this hard work and labor is for the 7th day.

On this day a large wave of zombies flocks across the map. They will try their best to kill you, you have to defend your position and come out as a survivor.

Therefore, it is important that you find all the best recipes on the map and craft the necessary items.

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So what do I think about the game? Well despite its flaws, the game has great potential. The fact that you only get 7 days to make all the necessary items and defend your base is new and exciting.

The map on the other hand is huge and has all the enjoyable locations that are required to have fun. Apart from this, the crafting system is also very simple and easy to understand.

This gives it an edge over other survival games that makes crafting a complicated process.

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