12 Best Survival Games On PC (2021 EPIC LIST)

Best Survival Games on PC

Well, 2020 ends with a lot of ups and downs. Everyone who thought that 2020 was their year ends up surviving the pandemic on their couch.

But you know who enjoyed these tiring times? You guessed it right GAMERs. They utilized their time ideally by hibernating in their game room.

So we get inspired by this and thought to compile a list of games that you might be interested in playing. 

Best Survival Games For PC 

  • Subnautica
  • Don’t Starve
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Rust
  • Raft
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Minecraft
  • The Long Dark
  • Astroneer
  • This War Of Mine
  • SCUM

1. Subnautica 


Where to get: Stream, Epic games, Humble bundle 

When it comes to Subnautica, no survival game comes close to its holistic environment to human survival. The game is set underwater which makes it a treat from a visual standpoint.

You will find bright and shiny underwater scenery with a calming blue ocean. This makes it much more relaxing and hopeful than many other survival games.

It is also one of those good games that are created through community efforts. When it comes to games play, your main purpose is to survive on a water planet alone.

You have to constantly delve underwater for fresh food and water. Due to the lack of oxygen underwater, you constantly have to check for oxygen levels.

This makes it extra challenging to gather bits of scraps before reaching your limit. 

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2. Don’t starve 


Where to get: Stream, Playstore, Humble bundle 

Don’t starve is a 2D survival game that is set in a sepia-tone world. It is one of the cute looking games due to the lovely art style used by Tim Burton.

But don’t get me wrong, it certainly is not made for kids. In fact, it is the most horrifying solo experience game on our list.

You have to fend for yourself in the wild which is full of strange creatures. From pigs and burgers to deer corpses, there are many unwanted monsters that roam on the land and make things difficult for you.

Don’t Starve focuses heavily on crafting raw materials rather than the finished products. This set it apart from many survival games such as Rust and Minecraft.

Crafting is so crucial in this game that you spend half your time doing just that. Therefore, the Science machine and Alchemy Engine will be your best friends.

Apart from this, the game also allows you to play with a friend making it the best co-op game on pc. 

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3. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK survival evolved

Where to get: Stream, Playstore 

Ark is arguably the best dinosaur game ever made. If you like dinosaurs then you will like this game for sure. Its prehistoric era world is filled with lots of crazy as well as scary moments.

Yet it follows all the rules and features of true survival games. What makes it special is the addition of giant beasts that both want to eat you or kill you.

But if you have enough perseverance, you can easily tame or even can ride them, making your childhood dream come true.

Apart from this, you also have to fight the cold wars and dominate over the world that is ruled by mega tribes. Its long-term goals make you satisfied opposite to the making through the night.

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Where can I buy it: Steam, Humble 

Rust can seem to be unfriendly and difficult if you are just getting started. In Fact, it is a pain in the a**. You waking up naked and clueless about what to next.

You spend hours collecting resources and build a base with a possibility that you’ll end up as a snack for wild animals before you’ve had a chance to fight back.

Once get the construction done, you finally have a chance to enjoy the game. You can choose from various servers from shoot-on-sight to more civilized servers according to your playstyle.

This enables you to enjoy the game to the max and make the progress that you want. In the rust, you can create towns, do trading, and even prison people.

You can also pull together with other players and share your resources to unlock fantastic achievements. 

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5. Raft 


Where can I buy it: Steam 

Raft, as the name suggests is a game that sends you on a sea voyage on a raft. It is a video game equivalent to The Life Of Pi except there is no tiger to accompany you.

You are all alone on this journey or with your friends if you are playing in co-op. you are constantly put against deathly sharks that are trying to eat you at every point.

But for a good reason, the game is not about fighting these predators. instead of trying to stay alive while gathering resources from the sea.

In this game, you can craft multi-story palaces if you so wish, build awesome machinery from the scrap, or replete with shark head trophies you find floating in the ocean.

This way you have to collect all the resources and progress in the game. 

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6. 7 Days To Die 


Where can I buy it: Steam, Humble 

At first, you may think that 7 Days To Die is just another zombie game on the market. The games look something similar if there is a mix between Minecraft and DayZ.

But this first impression is no way near giving you a full picture of this game. Beneath its muddy-looking craft, ’em up the premise hides hours of fun gameplay.

The zombies in the game are typical meat bags that we are used to seeing in the movies. They are slow and dumb, shuffling through corpses and attacks you as soon as they register your presence.

But don’t let this fool you, as this is all designed to believe you into a false sense of security. You will lower your defenses and don’t bother setting traps for the night.

And suddenly game throws a swarm of zombies at you to finish you off. This is a classic mistake that everyone do in the movie. But hey, that is the real fun.

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7. Minecraft 


If you looking for the best crafting survival game then there is no better game than Minecraft. For the longest period of time survival game way all about creativity and managing your resources.

It was fun and less cruel at that time. But somewhere down the line, it somehow becomes all about grueling punishment and murdering anyone who isn’t you.

This really makes me miss the old happy days went we all survive together. Sure, there are zombies, and spiders, skeletons, and dragons, but it was not that cruel.

More importantly, survival in Minecraft is entirely on you. If you want you can build a fortress to safeguard yourself.

Or build awesome weapons to venture out into the enemy territory. And not to tell about the Minecraft world, it is literally endless.

There are numerous amazing natural wonders waiting to be explored. Along with this, there is also a creative mode in the game. This mode lets you unleash your creativity and build everything that you can imagine.

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8. The Long Dark 

the long dark

The long dark is probably the most haunted and scary game on our list. It has a fairly interesting story mode that offers you fantastic gameplay.

The game is set in northern Canada, but unlike other survival games, it swipes bears for zombies. Along with this, the landscape of the game is filled with dangerous snow cliffs waiting for you to make a bad move.

As mother nature is trying to kill you, you have to keep track of your calories and hydrate your body. Apart from this, the game has a very good art style that makes up for a good visual experience.

But don’t let that fool you, it is still a survival game. You still have to fight for your life and come out as a winner.

9. Astroneer


Astroneer is a space exploration game with vibrant landscapes and beautiful music. This is not the typical survival game where zombies or monsters hunt you.

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I must say this is a relaxing game, hours go by in minutes. This is a sandbox adventure game with some aspects of survival.

You start out landing on a planet on a pod and you go to colonize the planet and eventually travel to the other solar system.

You start out with a mining tool to collect different materials and to eventually build machinery. 



This is a 2-D war-themed survival game where you play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. This game is not like any other war game.

But it offers a different set of dangers like lack of food, medicines, and the constant danger of snipers. You have to strategize in order to survive everyday dangers.

This game has two modes classic and story mode. In this game, you take control of a handful of survivors held up in a lodge and you have to survive until the ceasefire.



Earlier known as a cuisine royale, this is an online multiplayer battle royale game. The visual appeal of this game is pretty impressive vibrant colors, detailed objects, great sound effects, etc.

If you have played pubg, then you’ll get along with this game pretty easily. But it has much more elements than pub-g like gun recoils are insanely realistic, different types of daily missions, it has different types of rituals and traps and many other things. 

12. SCUM

scum game

SCUM is an open-world survival game developed by gamepires. In this game, you’re playing as a prisoner that’s dropped onto a deserted island.

You start out with nothing but clothes. You have to look for gears on the island to survive and also you’re under surveillance.

This game has NPC like zombies (they’re called puppets in this game) and they’ll try to kill you. Most of the high loot locations are guarded by MAX (a big robot) and you have to fight them in order to collect the loot.

Talking about the visual appeal of the game it’s pretty amazing and the sound quality is also great.


Honorable Mention

  • DAYZ
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